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Photobook: view Facebook pictures on a Mac with ease

Photobook 1.1 is a free program for Mac OS 10.4+ that offers an iPhoto-like interface for browsing Facebook photos. All you have to do is launch Photobook, login to Facebook, allow the Photobook application to access your Facebook profile (the first time) and then you'll see your friends' albums.

Double-clicking an album shows you all of the photos from the album (instead of having to click 3 pages deep on the Facebook album page to find the picture you want), and then double-clicking a photo enlarges it. You can even view the albums in slideshows which you can customize with certain transitions.

Photobook allows you to easily import individual photos or full albums into your iPhoto library. Just select an album (or photos) and click the "Add to iPhoto" button. Simple, right? Our favorite feature overall has to be the search functionality. You can easily search all of your friends' photos through the Photobook application. Want to see what all of your crazy friends were up to on New Year's? Just type "new year's" into the Photobook search box, hit enter, and enjoy the show!

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