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OLPC to dual boot Linux and Windows

OLPCWe've known for a while that the OLPC's XO laptop would be capable of running Windows XP and not just the stock Fedora-based Sugar OS. But we'd kind of figured that once XO laptops running Windows became available you'd have to purchase a unit with one operating system or the other. Now we're hearing that OLPC is working with Microsoft to develop a dual-boot system.

There's not a lot of information available at the moment so we can't tell you how much a dual boot XO laptop will cost or when you'll be able to get your hands on one. But OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte reportedly says the Windows is "very fast," and "very successful."

The XO laptop doesn't have a hard drive, and has a very limited amount of solid state storage, so we're guessing you won't find both operating systems preloaded in the device's main memory. Rather, it's likely that Microsoft is following through on its promise to release a version of Windows XP that will run on an SD card. Of course, you could also just buy an Asus Eee PC today and dual boot Windows and Linux.

Update: Microsoft claims that there are no plans to develop a dual boot device. We think it might just be a matter of semantics.

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