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AT&T openly says it may filter Internet content

Net Neutrality
According to Brad Stone over at The New York Times, AT&T openly stated at CES that they may start filtering Internet content. This is a very big announcement because most ISPs (even Comcast) have up until this point claimed to be net neutral.

So much for being a wide-open pathway to the Information Superhighway. AT&T is reportedly talking to technology companies and the RIAA/MPAA regarding the implication of digital fingerprinting techniques at the networking level. Our friends at civil rights organizations are opposing such measures by implying that they impede on free speech. Some are going as far as to say that these legal provisions stop uses such as parody.

When asked about how their customers would respond to network level filtering, AT&T stated: "Whatever we do has to pass muster with consumers and with policy standards. There is going to be a spotlight on it."

Yeah, there will definitely be a spotlight. We say: Let the free market reign.

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