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AkelPad - Notepad alternative

AkelPadJudging by the large number of substitutes for Windows Notepad, people must have had issues with Microsoft's text utility since day one. This comes to no surprise as Notepad was built with a number of limitations like maximum file sizes, and minimal ability to format text.

Akelpad, like many of the other Notepad substitutes out there, seeks to improve on Notepad while staying true to its sense of minimalism. Still lightweight, but with more flexibility and less limitations, it can handle the basics - and with a few plugins it can handle even more - syntax highlighting, auto completion, sessions, and quick search, to name a few functions.

However, for the power user, Akelpad may not have all the features you might want. Other Notepad replacements such as Notepad++, Notepad2, and TED Notepad have other strengths, especially in terms of coding and other applications.

As with many other things in life, the kind of text editor one uses is a very subjective area. If you're in the market for a quality Notepad replacement, AkelPad is no slacker - but sampling a variety of editors may help find what works best for you - and is supposedly recommended by psychologists as a great way to spend an evening for stress relief (dinner and a text file anyone?).

[via gHacks]

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