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Guerrilla Mail: Add e-mail to your disposable lifestyle

Disposable e-mail addresses - Guerrilla MailIf you've ever wanted to sign up for a website just to check it out, but were hesitant to surrender your e-mail address for the fear of worthless e-mails filling your inbox to the brim, there is a solution as elegant as disposable tissues - and it's called Guerrilla Mail.

Now you may have already done something smart like create an e-mail account for the specific purpose of receiving confirmation e-mails and other internet formalities. A good solution, but cumbersome because you still have to login to "confirm" the address and all that other jazz.

This is where Guerrilla Mail shines. Go to the site, click on "give me temporary e-mail," and you have an e-mail address that is all yours for the next fifteen minutes. Receive the e-mails you need to confirm at the address, and voila, forget about it. The beauty of disposable e-mail. No login, no password, just a quick way to deal with the trash. And if you find that you need a little more time, you can always get an extra fifteen minutes.

Obviously, as cool as it is, not too good for important stuff like bank accounts or online transactions - not everything in life is disposable.

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