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DigitalBucket online file storage still in beta, but keeps getting better

When we first looked at DigitalBucket last year, we told you that the service was about to emerge from beta. We were wrong. The online file storage service is still in beta, but that's a good thing. It means you can continue to use DigitalBucket for free. Eventually the company will start charging for service with plans ranging from $15 per year for 1GB of online storage space to $149 per year for 25GB.

In the meantime, DigitalBucket has continued adding features that make the web-based file storage site a lot more Windows-like. For instance, you can now open multiple documents in multiple windows. And you can use more online services to edit those documents. So if you've uploaded an image, you can edit it using Snipshot or Picnik and save it to your DigitalBucket account. You can also edit Office documents using Zoho.

There's also a new uploader that lets you upload multiple files while tracking their progress. And you can upload files from the internet just by entering a URL. For developers, DigitalBucket has released an API, so we may see even more features coming soon.

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