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Palm says goodbye to IBM Java virtual machine

WebSphere Micro EnvironmentThere are thousands of free and commercial applications for PalmOS. But some of the best applications for Palm devices, like Opera Mini, don't actually run on PalmOS. They're Java midlets that run on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

For the past few years, Palm has offered a free download of IBM's WebSphere EveryPlace Micro Environment JVM. But for some unexplained reason, Palm will stop offering a download link on Jan 12, 2008. Palm will still offer support for anyone who has already installed the JVM on their device, but no new customers will be able to grab the virtual machine.

So if you haven't already downloaded the awkwardly named WebSphere Everyplace Micro Everyplace Micro Environment now might be a good time to grab it. The JVM will not run on older Palm devices like the Tungsten W, Tungsten T2, or Zire 71, but if you've purchased a Palm phone or PDA in the last few years you should be able to download and install this free application.

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