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Amazon launches software downloads

Amazon Software Downloader
Online retailer Amazon has launched a software download section. And when we say launched, we mean, they've built a software downloader application which you can currently use to download a handful of products from TurboTax.

Once you install the downloader, you can either buy the free sample software to test the utility or shell out some money for a copy of TurboTax 2007. We can only assume that at some point Amazon will add a download option for some of the other software the company sells in retail boxes.

After you buy an item a copy is saved in your Amazon Media Library in case you need to download and install it again. Amazon's hardly the only online store selling downloadable software. And Amazon's selection right now is kind of laughable. But for the instant-gratification obsessed, any move toward a future where you will never have to wait for a software package to arrive in the mail is a good move.

[via Josh's Windows Weblog]

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