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Veoh adds Hulu content, has no official relationship with Hulu

Online video sharing site/portal Veoh has added full length television episodes to its lineup. Selected Fox and NBC shows including Family Guy, 24, and Heroes are available. But Veoh hasn't made any deals with Fox or NBC. Rather, Veoh is using the embedded video from Hulu, much the same way Hulu ripoff sites OpenHulu and TV Paradise do. The difference is that we kind of thought Veoh wanted to be the next YouTube, not the next ripoff artist.

Oh yeah, sure, Hulu makes their players embeddable, which gives anyone the ability and possibly even the right to place content on their own site. But when a startup like OpenHulu decides to clone it looks like a gimmick. When Veoh does the same thing, it looks like the company is too lazy to work out a real partnership with Hulu.

Of course, we probably shouldn't be surprised. This is the same company that launched VeohTV earlier this year. VeohTV is a standalone application for watching online video without a web browser. And some of that content comes directly from network web sites, even though Veoh did not get permission from those networks to include programming at launch.

[via NewTeeVee]

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