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Get RSS delivered to your phone with Pingie

RSS is a fantastic technology, but what about 'on-the-go'? Sure, you could use Google Reader, or Newsgator Mobile, but what if you wanted to be SMS-messaged when a new post appears on a particular feed? That's where Pingie comes in.

By now, you're probably wondering what on earth the service could be used for. Let's share with you a few examples. Perhaps you're wanting to follow Download Squad's coverage of a particular operating system, category of software, or even a particular author's posts (all of which have feeds found by adding /rss.xml to the page's URL), you simply enter the Feed URL, your email address and your mobile phone number and Pingie does the rest. Easy!

Of course, when you're wanting up-to-the-minute event coverage say from sister sites' Engadget (at the Consumer Electronics Show) or TUAW (at Macworld Conference and Expo) this might just allow you to keep your finger on the pulse, no matter where you are.

[Via UNEASYsilence]

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