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Pimp your Download Squad comments account

You love us. We love you. Aww. It's this unspoken thing we have. So why aren't you pimping your Download Squad commenter account by adding an avatar?

Recently, Download Squad received the same spiffy threaded comment system enjoyed by Engadget, Autoblog and Joystiq. Then we added a slick default avatar, just to make it official. We've noticed however, that many of you haven't added a custom avatar of your own.. so what gives? We've already established this deep, unspoken love we share (remember, back in our opening sentence?), so why aren't you showing that love by pimping your Download Squad commenter account?

We know, you've been busy. The holidays and all. You had that doctor appointment, the car needed to go to the shop, all those phonecalls to family, and all the shinny geek gifts you got which have distracted you from your daily grind. In fact, given the amount of political strife at home and abroad, we're lucky you even call anymore, right? Sure, we know how it is.

Just in case you've got a few minutes on this glorious first day of 2008, we've put together a brief how-to for pimping out your Download Squad commenter account; Show us, and yourself some love?

1) Leave a comment, or find one of the comments you've recently left. Your name or psudeonym on any comment you leave links to your Blogsmith profile. The url to which your name links will look something like,[PROFILE NUMBER]/, where profile number is the, well, number of your profile. Simple enough, eh?

2) Log in to the comment system by using the email address you used to leave your comment, and the password on your account. (Hint: You can find your password by looking at the last comment confirmation email we sent you. It'll be towards the bottom of the email)

3) Change your password! It's probably a good idea at this point to change your password to something more memorable than "985287f0". Unless you're a machine, in which case, "985287f0" is probably somewhat memorable anyway.

4) Change your avatar. Click on "Change Picture" to upload your new avatar. Colorful, witty, expressive, we love'em all. Just don't be offensive or we might have to lock your account, and we hate doing that.

5) Change your profile information. Click on "Edit Profile" to add / change your display name, and to add the URL of your own blog, favorite social network page, etc.

6) Enjoy your new profile and avatar by commenting on the things we post. Unfortunately, logins aren't persistent just yet, so you'll have to enter your password every time you post. The good part is, now that you've changed your password to something easy to remember, you're all set! Plus, if you post using your login and password, we won't send you those annoying comment verification emails.. we'll just post your comment straight away!

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