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Wii would like to hack

videoHacking game consoles to run homebrew code is all the rage these days, but until recently, Wii owners were only able to join the fun with software that ran in Gamecube mode, which was a serious limitation.

No longer! At the 24th Annual Chaos Communication Congress, a homebrew developer presented a hacked Wii running native code in Wii mode. By analyzing memory dumps from a modified Wii, they managed to decode the Wii's encryption keys. Programs run in this fashion have full access to the Wii's hardware, which means the sky is now the limit for homebrew Wii developers.

For those unfamiliar with the term, homebrew applications are programs that hobbyists make for specialized computer platforms, like game consoles and phones. They range from games to utilities to full operating systems, and allow the device to be used much in the same way as a proper desktop computer.

Reverse engineering of this type is probably kinda almost certainly very illegal, but we can't help but applaud these efforts. In an age when more and more hardware manufactures restrict what the user can do with their console, it's hard not to cheer for the underdog. It's not known when this crack will become publicly available, but we will be sure to keep you up to date.


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