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FlickrFan brings photos to your mac/HDTV

Dave Winer, the pervasive and inventive programmer, has released an early beta version of his new program called FlickrFan. The new application is a screensaver program that can display photos from any RSS feed with media enclosures. These pictures could be from Flickr, Photobucket, the AP, or any source that is RSS enabled.

This is a very smart use of RSS that displays high quality photos on your Mac or high definition television. Unfortunately, the program is only available for the Macintosh at this time. To get started with FlickrFan, go to the website and download the installer application. Enter in your Flickr name or other RSS feed and the pictures will stream down and be constantly updated on the screen.

We're hoping this type of application gets extended soon. It'd be great if FlickrFan would work on Windows (Winer has already said this would happen). Additionally, FlickrFan would be great for displaying other media types including video and streaming text.

FlickrFan is a simple application built on an open platform and using Open API's. As more people connect their living room to the internet, these types of applications will flourish and we'll all benefit!

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