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Zenwalk 5.0 beta is available for testing

ZenwalkWe have a confession to make. We are secretly, deeply, head over heels in love with Zenwalk Linux. Zenwalk is a Slackware-based distro. It's lightweight, it's modern, and though it may not be the easiest distribution to install, we've certainly had worse experiences.

Zenwalk 5.0 beta was released for testing yesterday. The 5.0 release has some major changes: the use of HAL in place of its own hotplugging system, updates to the Xorg X servers, and the Wicd wifi-browser. Zenwalk still uses Xfce (4.4.2) as its default desktop environment, along with the Icedove email client and Iceweasel browser (both Thunderbird and Firefox compatible).

We've been playing with Zenwalk 5.0 beta for a day now. It's everything we've come to expect from Zenwalk, the speed and stability, the flexibility, and the nice interface. There were a few little problems at install (needed to boot with the "noapic" kernel parameter to avoid a panic) and beyond (video card driver installation is hardly ever fun). These little issues aside, the beta bugs seem minimal.

Zenwalk may not be the best choice for a first Linux distro, but we'd highly recommend giving this beta a try if you're comfortable with a more text driven install process. Meanwhile, our hearts are pounding and our palms are sweaty, waiting for the final release of Zenwalk 5.0. Love is so hard.

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