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Test Everything! - Test your website with over 100 tools

Serving as a webmaster's Swiss Army knife, Test Everything! allows you to run a bunch of different tests on your website and domain name, ranging from Alexa traffic details to CSS validation. To use, simply type in your website's URL, select a category, and check the boxes next to the tests you want to run. When you've selected all of your tests, click the "Test website!" button and wait for your test results to be generated. The Test Everything! site will then return a helpful aggregation of links to each of the specific tests you chose.

While some tests like the "Crapola Web Translator" aren't very useful, Test Everything! lets you run over 100 tests in one fell swoop. Our favorite tests (aside from standard HTML/CSS validation) include "Server Info" which displays info like your webserver's IP address and OS, "Website Speed Test" which shows how fast your specified URLs load, and the "Test your web design in different browsers" test which, know.


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