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Pointui: New Windows Mobile interface app coming soon

It seems like every week there's a new application hitting the streets that aims to turn your Windows Mobile device into an iPhone. If you really want an iPhone, you should probably just buy one. On the other hand, if you prefer Windows Mobile applications, but like the look of the iPhone program launcher, we can understand why applications like Pointui are attractive.

Pointui appears to be scheduled for a Jan 1, 2008 launch. There's not much info available on the application's home page yet, but there are a series of Flickr photos and the YouTube video you see above. Pointui replaces the Windows Mobile start page with a new home page that lets you launch applications by sliding from one to the next. The settings menus are also replaced by large easy to see buttons.

It's not clear that Pointui will make it easier to use a Windows Mobile device. In fact, it appears that in some situations it could take longer to find and launch applications than it would take using the default interface. But it's nice to have choices. One of the advantages of Windows Mobile for now is that the SDK is available, meaning there are tons of third party applications that let you customize your user experience. The iPhone SDK doesn't come out until early next year, and somehow we doubt the first thing developers will do is try to emulate the Windows Mobile experience on the iPhone.

[via Mobility Site]

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