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Study finds girls eclipse boys in photo posting, other obvious web facts

Study finds girls eclipse boys in photo posting, other obvious web factsThe Pew Internet & American Life Project just posted its findings on teens and the web, and it seems to have uncovered much of what we already know about the internet. Here's a bullet point summary of the major findings. With each point, we'll try to name site/service who's users would stereotypically match.
  • AIM: 93% of American teens (ages 12-17) use the web. Many of them use the web to interact with others.
  • YouTube: 64% of online teens create online content, up from 57% in 2004.
  • Livejournal (bad poetry): 39% of online teens share their artistic creations online.
  • MySpace: 27% of online teens keep a personal web page.
  • LOLcats?: 26% of online teens "remix" content they find online.
  • WoW: 49% of online teens play games online.
  • America: Teens are more likely to own desktop computers over any other type of "gadget." This one was almost surprising.
  • Facebook: Social network communicators are more "intense" communicators.
  • Facebook: Girls eclipse boys in photo posting.
  • Nintendo Wii: 31% of teens spend time time with friends outside of school every day.
  • High School: 34% of teens spend time with friends outside of school several times a week
To be honest, a lot of this is pretty obvious. We shouldn't need a study to find out chat rooms suck, teens tend to own computers, and girls are more likely than guys to post photos online. Regardless, there's a lot more information where that came from, so if you'd like to learn more about the online habits of today's teenagers, make sure to check out the full study.

[via TechCrunch]

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