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Nokia officially releases OS2008 for their Internet Tablets


Users can now download the official installer for OS2008 for your Nokia N800 Internet tablet. What can we expect in the new release? Well for starters:

  • The sluggish Opera browser has been swapped out for a speedy Mozilla based browser
  • If you're on an N800, the processor speed has been bumped up to 400 Mhz
  • Built in Flash 9
  • FM Radio software
  • A Beautiful new UI
  • Improved RSS reader
  • and much, much more.

The most noticeable difference for us was the speed bump to 400 Mhz. The N800 was a tad sluggish before but is now very zippy. The new browser is a huge plus as Opera was always a problem on the N800.

We love the N800. It's a great device for staying connected when you don't feel like lugging around your laptop or just need to check your email/RSS feeds real quick.

To get the OS2008 update, you'll need to install the Nokia Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard and download the update file from

Note: if you are lucky if enough to have the Nokia N810, you already have OS2008 installed.

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