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Launchy 2.0 released

Launchy 2.0A few weeks back we asked you to name your favorite program launchers. While we're big fans of QuickSilver for OS X and Launchy for Windows, we had a feeling there might be something faster, fuller-featured, or otherwise better out there. And you rose to the challenge, listing a bunch of great alternatives.

But now Launchy's upping its game with the release of Launchy 2.0. It's still a lightweight and fast application launcher. But Launchy 2.0 sports a bunch of new features, and a ton of new customization options.

The two most noticeable changes are a new default skin (although you can select the classic theme if you like), and the fact that you can now easily drag and drop the Launchy bar to place it anywhere on your desktop. But that's not all that's new:
  • New icons and default skin
  • New options dialog with easy access to settings like opaqueness, number of alternative suggestions, theme selection, and folders to scan
  • Skin selector shows previews
  • Vista support
Your old plugins and skins will stop working when you upgrade, and your configuration file will be wiped. So if you don't want to lost data, you might want to hold off on upgrading to Launchy 2.0.

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