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Orb Networks to let you stream media from home to your iPhone

The Register reports that streaming media company Orb Networks plans to announce support for the iPhone and iPod touch this week. Orb is sort of like the software version of the Slingbox. You install a client on your home PC and then you can login from pretty much any device with a web browser and stream your music, picture, and video collection over the internet to a remote computer or mobile device. If you've got a TV tuner on your home computer, you can even watch live TV over the internet.

While you could theoretically access Orb's web interface using Safari on an iPhone today, Apple blocks Orb's usual streaming protocol. So the folks at Orb went and reworked their system to stream MP4 files instead.

Oh, and if you're wondering why the video above is showing Winamp Remote, it's because Winamp and Orb have teamed up to provide support for controlling your Winamp playlists over the web.

[via Engadget]

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