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Friendster launches Developer Platform

Friendster widgets
In its continuing quest to keep up with yesterday, Friendster has launched a developer platform and a handful of 3rd party widgets that users can already add to their profiles. We kid, we kid. From what we understand, Friendster is huge in Asia these days, but in the US, the new kids on the block like MySpace and Facebook have kind of stolen the limelight.

Well, if you can't beat them, join them right? Facebook owes at least part of its success to the site's open platform for developing applications. Now Friendster is taking the same approach, not only by opening up its own developer platform, but also by signing on to Google's OpenSocial.

Friendster still has a long way to go. Right now, there only a handful of widgets available, compared with hundreds of Facebook applications. But if you want to add a photo slideshow, biorhythm chart, or even add a VoIP "call me" button to your Friendster profile, there are widgets that can help. In other words, we find ourselves much more tempted to actually use Friendster today than we did yesterday.

[via WebWare]

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