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OPENhulu rips off Hulu and passes the savings on to you

OPENhulu and Hulu
Take a close look at the images above. Notice any differences? On the left you have Hulu, the invitation-only online video site from NBC Universal and News Corp. On the right you have OPENhulu, a ripoff site that looks a lot like Hulu, features much of the same video content, and doesn't require an invitation.

OPENhulu is the brain child of Matt Schlicht, and the concept is pretty simple. Since Hulu lets registered users embed videos on their own web sites, he figured he might as well grab all the content he could from Hulu (not every video sports an embed code) and post it on a Hulu clone site, then throw up some advertising to see if he could make a few bucks.

Technically, Hulu doesn't stand to lose anything beside brand loyalty and name recognition. Each video includes advertisements, which you'll see whether you watch at Hulu or OPENhulu. But somehow we still figure it's just a matter of time before Schlicht finds a cease and desist letter in his inbox.

[via last100]

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