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Keyboard shortcut guide - bookmark worthy

Since your computer is your newest appendage, it makes sense to learn all those keyboard shortcuts so you can save time, and also avoid repetitive stress syndrome (think carpel tunnel) which could really lead to down time from your favorite computer activities. is a nice all-in-one list of keyboard shortcuts for most popular applications such as Google (mail, docs, spreadsheets, video, maps, reader) , Firefox 2, Windows XP, Linux 9, Yahoo Mail, Opera 9, and Adobe Reader 7. Although some Apple apps are listed such as iDVD, iMovie HD 6, iTunes 7, and i photo 06, shortcuts for Mac OS X are not listed nor are they for Windows Vista.

Still, this is a nice all-in-one resource to help you navigate different applications without using your mouse. And you gotta love the nice keyboard interface that lets you hover over keys to see different shortcuts in the feature pane. Of course, in this instance you have to use your mouse, but it's all in the name of a future reward, so to speak.

Tell us your favorite keyboard shortcut guides you've found on the web, and we'll compile them into a new big grandaddy list.

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