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Googleholic for December 7 2007

In this issue of Googleholic we cover:
  • Google has first entrant in Lunar X challenge
  • Google is on the search for ad partners
  • Google's iPhone app
  • Blackberry mobile updater
  • Google hand scans
  • Open Social, not open yet
  • Larry gets married this weekend
  • iGoogle elections gadget
  • Google Mac Devs now have a place to play
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Google has first entrant in Lunar X challenge
The first team to complete registration for the $30Million Lunar X Prize competition is Odyssey Moon.

Google is searching for ad partners
Doubleclick is part of the vision, but Google is looking to expand outside of internet search advertising.

Google's iPhone app
Google gains a little ground on the iPhone and releases all of its services into a single Google interface.

Blackberry mobile updater
Google makes it easier for Blackberry users to install and update Google Mobile services.

Google hand scans
Every once and a while during the whole Google Books digitizing program, a hand slips in.

Open Social, not open yet
Google's one month old open development platform is a little slow starting.

Larry gets married this weekend
Mr Page jets off to Necker Island with his soon to be bride for his wedding tomorrow. And yes, Sir Richard Branson who owns the island will be in attendance as the best man.

iGoogle elections gadget
Google has released a gadget that helps US iGoogle users stay up to date with the latest in political news.

Google Mac Devs now have a place to play
Google opens the doors of the Google Mac Developer Playground. It includes a giant array of source code and projects for Apple engineers. A hot release in the database includes iPhoneDisk, a filesystem that lets users read and write files on iPhones over USB.

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