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Google Chart API released

google chart api
Have you ever had the need to quickly and dynamically generate charts for a web based application? Google can help.

The new Google Chart API is a tool that one can use to create charts and graphs that can be embedded in websites. Basically, you type a few commands into a URL string and Google will spit out a PNG image with a line chart, bar chart, pie chart, venn diagram, or scatter plot. You can customize colors, points, and sizes. The developers guide walks through everything you might want to accomplish with the API.

When complete, copy the charts URL, and wrap a set of images tags around it to embed it into websites.

For example, the chart you see on the right was generated by entering this URL in a browser.

If you are thinking about doing more than 50,000 queries per day, you might have issues, that's the limit Google places on users per day. Right click on our image in this post, and take a peek at the URL, thats the guts of the image.

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