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Microsoft to begin tests of Windows XP on the OLPC in January

OLPCPretty soon you'll be able to run Windows on pretty much any PC you buy, no matter how small. Thanks to Boot Camp and Parallels you can run Windows on a Mac. And thanks to an aggressive push by Microsoft, you can run Windows on Asus's low-cost laptop the Eee PC (while the first units are shipping with Linux, they include instructions for loading Windows XP and Asus plans to sell units with XP preinstalled soon).

Microsoft also plans to bring Windows XP to the diminutive XO laptop, of One Laptop Per Child fame. Microsoft released a statement yesterday announcing plans to begin testing XP on the XO in January in the hopes of making a final version available by the second half of 2008.

One problem Microsoft is dealing with is that the XO laptop includes just 1GB of storage, while Windows requires at least 2GB. So Microsoft insisted that an SD card slot be included in the XO, and is developing a version of XP that will run off of a removable storage card. There are no plans to make the custom, low-cost version of Windows available in the US or other developed countries.

Now, the folks over at the Eee User forum have demonstrated that you can indeed run Windows XP with less than 2GB of storage by removing the page file and using nLite to slim down your installation. But 1GB would still be pushing it.

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