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ADrive 50GB online storage service issues almost useful update

Last month we discovered ADrive, a free online storage service that could be everything you've ever dreamed about, if your dreams are kind of dull. Basically, the service offers a huge amount of storage space for free. But the interface was a bit less than dreamy. For starters, you couldn't upload complete directories. The only way to upload multiple files was to select them manually.

ADrive recently launched an updated uploader that does let you transfer entire directories with just the click of a mouse. But it's still kind of problematic, because it turns out that once you start a transfer, you can't use your web browser to do anything else until the transfer is finished (or you cancel the transfer, whichever comes first).

We're still waiting for a desktop based uploader. And we'd love to see a way to batch download files, but ADrive isn't meant for performing daily backups of your important data. It's really more of a way to store files online and access them from any computer. So you can't really judge it the same way you would an online backup site like Mozy or Carbonite.

[Thanks Tim!]

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