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Wavosaur: Light weight free digital audio editor for Windows

Wavosaur is a digital audio editor for Windows. Sure, those may be a dime a dozen, but there are a few things that make Wavosaur useful. First of all, there's no installation required. You can run Wavosaur from a flash drive if you like. Beware, this 464KB executable will create a bunch of associated configuration files, so you'll want to place it in its own folder. But you can run it from any folder.

Wavosaur also supports VST plugins, multiple file formats including WAV, MP3, and OGG, and all the usual audio editing feaures like copy, paste, mix, trim, crop, insert silence, normalize, fade in/out and so on. If you just want to perform quick tasks like converting stereo files to mono, Wavosaur is a nice low-profile alternative to fuller-featured programs like Audacity or Reaper.

There is no multitrack editing mode, but you can multiple files at the same time. One thing we noticed is that Wavosaur doesn't like working with large files very much. We got it to load a 30 minute file with no problem, but when we went to start editing, the application locked up on us. So we'd recommend Wavosaur for quick and dirty tasks, or for anyone looking for a tiny audio editor that won't take up much space on a flash drive. That said, both Reaper and Audacity can also be installed to a portable flash drive, but they also take up a bit more space.

[via Making Music]

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