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Adobe releases Flash Player with H.264 support

Hulu HD
Adobe has launched a much anticipated update to its Flash video player. Adobe Flash Player includes support for the H.264 codec. The upshot is that web publishers can easily embed HD videos on their site.

One of the first web sites to do that is Hulu, NBC and News Corp's new online video site. Right now there's not much in Hulu's HD gallery. But if watching Alivin & The Chimpunks trailers in 1280 x 720 resolution is your thing, you're all set.

You'll need to download the updated Flash Player in order to watch HD content. But the upgrade is a pretty painless process. Adobe isn't the first company to offer high resolution streaming video. But considering how widely adopted the Flash format is, this is a major development. Does this mean we'll be seeing full high-def videos on YouTube anytime soon? No. But YouTube does at least plan to offer videos with higher bitrates soon.

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