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Six Apart sells LiveJournal to SUP

LiveJournal salePopular blogging platform LiveJournal is changing hands. Six Apart, the company that's been running LiveJournal since early 2005 is selling the site/platform to SUP, a Russian media company. SUP has set up an American company with the clever name of LiveJournal Inc, to manage LiveJournal.

SUP isn't a stranger to LiveJournal. The company has been managing LiveJournal in Russia for the past year. Six Apart will continue to play a role in representing LiveJournal to advertisers for the next year or so, but day to day management responsibilities will shift to SUP.

What this means for users isn't exactly clear. Obviously, SUP has no plans to shut down the blogging platform, but when Six Apart bought LiveJournal from fonder Brad Fitzpatrick, the company added a bunch of new features to the service. We can expect the same from SUP. In fact, the LiveJournal Team has already posted an outline explaining goals for the first 100 days post acquisition, with a focus on site navigation, technical upgrades, and discovery of new friends and pages.

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