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Open Web Awards reminder: Nominate your favorite social networking sites

Open Web AwardsDon't forget, we're now accepting nominations for the Open Web Awards!

This is the first annual multi-blog awards event focused on social networking sites. The contest is sponsored by Mashable, who will be holding an award ceremony in San Francisco in December.

We'll have a few voting rounds coming up in the coming weeks, but round one is a call for nominations. We're asking you to come up with a list of your favorite companies in 5 categories:
  1. Mainstream and Large Scale Networks
  2. Applications and Widgets
  3. Start Pages
  4. Mobile
  5. Niche and Miscellaneous Social Networks
For complete details, see our nomination page and vote in the comments on that page. If you want your vote to count, please post it on the nomination page, not this page. All entries must be received by Tuesday.

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