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Voxcall enables VoIP on Facebook

Facebook is attracting more and more developers due to its exploding user population and the relative ease of creating Facebook applications--snapins which provide narrowly-focused functionality on a Facebook user's profile page. So it's no surprise that the venerable Voxalot service has brought their VoIP calling solution to Facebook.

Voxcall lets you click to call Facebook buddies, as well as field calls from them, as long as you both have a SIP URI (that's a VoIP address that acts like a phone number and looks like an e-mail address). Of course, if you don't have a SIP URI, you can enroll in the Voxcall Premium service, which supports placing calls to ordinary telephone numbers. And if you're worried about abuse or phone spam, as many click-to-call users are, Voxcall has implemented a PIN code verification which will stop malicious users from registering your SIP URI without your permission. The way it works, once you register, Voxcall places a VoIP call to your URI--and then you enter your PIN code.

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