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How to reveal hidden passwords in Firefox

Firefox Password Revealer
It happens to all of us. We have so many online accounts that we occasionally (or constantly) forget the password to one or more of the sites we regularly visit. Firefox does a great job of remembering your passwords so you don't have to. But what happens if you need to figure out what your password is so you can login with another computer?

Last month we told you about Snadboy's Revelation, which is a great utility for showing the characters hidden behind asterisks in programs like FileZilla. But it doesn't work with Firefox. But it turns out there is a way to find the hidden characters in Firefox. All you need to do is paste a bit of Javascript code into your URL bar. Or you can create a bookmark or bookmarklet by right-clicking on your Bookmark toolbar and creating a new bookmark using the code.

You can find a full explanation at the Raymond.CC Blog. Of course, this does you no good if you've forgotten your username and password and haven't saved them with Firefox. In that case, your best bet is to click the "forgot password" button for the site you're visiting and you'll probably receive a new password via email.

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