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Google Maps replaces Hybrid button with Terrain

Google Terrain
Google seems to have done away with hidden the Hybrid map view in Google Maps. The Hybrid view was always kind of a better idea on paper than in practice. Rather than choosing between satellite views and 2D map views, you could see a satellite image with lines and names for streets. But it was really always pretty hard to tell what you were looking at.

Now if you look over to the spot where the Hybrid button used to be, you'll notice a new Terrain option. As the name suggests, clicking this button will bring up a map showing geographical terrain. If you zoom in on a hilly or mountainous area, you'll see a 3D approximation of the terrain. If you zoom in on a major city like New York, you'll see 3D renderings of buildings.

One thing to note is that you can't zoom in as close with the Terrain view as you can with the regular map view. Overall, we're not sure Terrain is any more useful than Hybrid if you're not planning a bicycle trip. But it sure is pretty.

Update: As several readers point out in the comments, the Hybrid button is gone, but the Hybrid view is not. Just select Show Labels under the Satellite view.

[via Google Operating System]

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