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Lists of Linux equivalents for Windows software

Linux EquivalentYou've made the big jump from Windows to Linux, but there are just a few programs that you can't live without, so you find yourself jumping back on your Windows machine to edit a movie or sound file every now and again. Sure, you know there are open source alternatives to many of your favorite programs, but who has the time to track them down?

Apparently plenty of people do, because we've found at least three good lists of Linux equivalents for Windows software. There's a lot of overlap between the lists, but each site has a few gems that are missing from the others.
  1. Linux Alternative Project
  2. Linux App Finder
  3. Open Source Alternative (this site features open source apps for every operating system, not just Linux)
It's important to note that we're using the word "equivalent" rather loosely here. For example, Audacity really isn't a full-fledged replacement for Adobe Audition. Audacity doesn't have all of Audition's features, not by a longshot. But you also don't have to pay $349 to pick up a copy of Audacity. Like most open-source applications, it's free. And if you need a more robust audio editing package, you can always try Ardour, which is much more powerful, but also much harder to configure properly.
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