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Opera Mini 4 released

Opera Mini 4Want that iPhone-like mobile web browser without the iPhone price? Opera has released the final version of Opera Mini 4, which can probably run on the phone you already have.

The stable version of Opera Mini 4 has pretty much all the same features as the beta version we told you about a few weeks ago, plus a few bug fixes here and there. But it's a huge step up over previous versions of Opera Mini, and most mobile phone browsers. Here are just a few of the things it can do:
  • Synchronize bookmarks and Speed Dial preferences with your desktop Opera browser using Opera Link.
  • View full web pages and then zoom in to areas you want to see close up.
  • Dynamically changes text size to fit your screen.
  • Images fit to screen
There's also support for RSS feeds and keyboard shortcuts. Opera Mini 4 uses the same rendering engine as Opera's desktop browser, which means you should be able to visit pretty much any site on the web from your mobile phone. Oh yeah, we almost forgot. Opera Mini 4 is a free download.
[via The Opera Mini Blog]

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