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Google: you'll never have to ask (a person) for directions again

Google Gas Pump
You can get directions on your PC, your phone, or by talking to that friendly gas station attendant. But if you're the sort of person who never likes to admit you're lost, Google's got you covered. The company plans to add Google Maps features to 3500 U.S. gas station pumps starting next month.

Not only will you get access to on-screen directions thanks to a specially designed pump with internet access, but you'll be able to print out directions. At launch, there won't be a keyboard, meaning you can't type in specific directions. But gas station owners will be able to input nearby hotels, restaurants, and other hot spots.

The pumps won't be ad supported, since there's little chance that you're going to click on a button to buy a new pair of shoes while you're at the gas station. Instead, gas station owners can offer local businesses the opportunity to provide coupons, for a fee.

[via Engadget]

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