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Emoze to launch pro and enterprise push email

For the past year emoze has been offering a free push email service that essentially lets you turn almost any cellphone with a data plan into a BlackBerry-like mobile email device. Users just install a small application on their mobile device and sign up for a free account. Then you can set up emoze to push email to your phone every time a new message comes in. Emoze can be configured to work with Gmail, Outlook, or Lotus Notes.

The service is pretty cool. But the business model has been a beet baffling, and we've been wondering how emoze planned to make money. It turns out that the company will be launching two subscription services within the next week or so.

The first is a "pro" version which will cost less than $20 a year and allow you set up multiple accounts and receive larger email attachments. The second is an "enterprise" version which is aimed at businesses who can't afford to deploy BlackBerry technology.

We caught up with emoze chairman Naftali Shani last night and asked him about push technology and emoze's long term goals.

The only thing that would make us happier would be to see emoze add support for webmail services beside Gmail.

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