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Glide Crunch: Synchronize your online and offline spreadsheets

Glide CrunchWeb based office apps are great if you need to collaborate with other people or if you need to access your documents from multiple computers. But sometimes you don't want to fire up your web browser if all you need to do is add a few numbers to your spreadsheet. TechCrunch reports that an answer is just around the corner. And it has nothing to do with Google Docs/Google Gears.

Transmedia is the company behind the Glide Sync application suite that lets you synchronize and edit documents on multiple computers and mobile devices. Tomorrow Transmedia is set to launch Glide Crunch, a spreadsheet app to complement its existing word processor, presentation, calendar, contacts, and e-mail apps. While each of Glide's existing services is web-based, Glide Crunch will be a desktop program that lets you synchronize data with a web spreadsheet application.

While Google Spreadsheet only supports 100,000 cells and up to 40 sheets in a document, Glide Crunch documents can have an unlimited number of sheets and up to 16.7 million cells. Glide provides 2GB of storage for free to customers, while you'll have to pay a monthly fee if you need more space.

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