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Nokia's music store is online

Music lovers, rejoice. Yet another online music store has appeared. The latest to try selling songs online is Nokia, the king of the cell phone. The differences between Nokia's store and iTunes are few--but at this early stage, there's nothing being offered by Nokia's music store that iTunes doesn't already have... Well, except for Microsoft DRM. Yes, downloaded tracks from Nokia's music store are Microsoft-DRM'd and in Windows Media format.

That said, we tried to fire up the Nokia music store and ran into a few obstacles. First off, we realized that unless you live in the UK, you won't be buying any music at Nokia, for the time being. They've yet to launch in other countries. Second, don't bother with it if you're on a Mac, on Linux, or using Firefox, as the site only supports Internet Explorer.

We were also humorously rejected from the site when we tried to browse it on our N-Series Nokia phone, an N95. The N-Series is the centerpiece product line of Nokia's entire media experience, so getting an 'unsupported platform' message on the Symbian browser gave us a chuckle. This despite the N95 being listed on the music store's compatibility page.

So if you've got a Windows PC with Internet Explorer and live in the UK and can play Windows Media and don't mind DRM and own a Nokia N-Series phone, this place is right up your alley. Rock on, Nokia.

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