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Broken Flash uploads in OS X Leopard

Flickr UploadsLeopard may indeed be a hit, what with selling 2 million copies its first weekend, but it's still a new OS release and is certainly not without glitches. For many users (including a few of us here at Download Squad), one of the most frustrating bugs is Leopard's incompatibility, in any web browser, scripts which use the FileReference.upload() function. What does this mean? Well it means that multi-uploads in Flickr and general uploads in liveBooks or any other site using a script with the FileReference.upload() function do not work. Period. This goes for Safari, Firefox, Camino and Opera.

Adobe has acknowledged the problem and promises that a fix is forthcoming (though the date of such fix is unknown), but this still leaves many users in a lurch.

As far as we know, the only partial workaround that exists is to put the Flash 8 Universal Preview Beta plugin in the ~/Library/Internet Plug-ins folder (renaming the existing Flash plug-in, if it exists, and also renaming the flashplayer.xpt file) - but users should be cautioned that this pseudo-solution is EXTREMELY UNSTABLE. After experiencing frequent browser crashes and kernel panics, we stopped using the old plug-in - even in a separate user account - because the trade-off just wasn't worth the ensuing hassle.

We'll keep you updated on any patches or new workarounds as they develop.

Update: Adobe has released an update that fixes the issue. This is a release candidate prerelease, so you may still find a few bugs, but at least you can upload all of your embarrassing Halloween pictures to Flickr en masse.

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