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Manage blog comments with Disqus

DisqusIf you only read one website every day, it's probably not too difficult to keep on the conversation around various posts. Just leave a comment with your two cents and keep checking back to see if anyone's responded. Some sites will even let you subscribe to blog comments by e-mail.

But if you read and comment on dozens or hundreds of blogs on a regular basis, this can get a bit tedious. A few months ago we reported on Intense Debate, a new startup that tackles this problem by providing a unified commenting platform. Sign up for an account, and you can easily track all of your conversations on various blogs. You can even syndicate your blog comments as an RSS feed.

Now it looks like Intense Debate has some competition from Disqus, a company launching a similar service today. Like Intense Debate, Disqus has several components. Web publishers can incorporate Disqus into their blog or website to offer advanced commenting features like threading and avatars. And users can create profiles to track their comments across various sites.


But Disqus has a few features worth mentioning. For example, there's also a web discovery component in Disqus. When you login, you're taken to a "top discussions" page showing the most commented on articles in your communities.

You can also receive notifications of updates to threads you've communicated in via e-mail or RSS notifications. If you reply to an e-mail, your message will automatically be posted as a comment to the original post, whether you send that e-mail from your PC or your mobile phone.

Disqus also keeps track of commentors who have not signed up for an account. Every time you leave a comment, you're asked for your name and e-mail address. Disqus will then create a profile for you, allowing other users to track your comments across various blogs. But probably the main thing Disqus has going for it is that it's out of private beta today, while Intense Debate is still only available to a handful of users.

But don't count Intense Debate out just yet. The startup has a few new features up their sleeve as well. Stay tuned for more details.

We've embedded a Disqus comment box in this post, so please post some comments and try it out for yourself.

Update: The heat is on. Intense Debate launched a public beta today.

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