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YourStreet: find news and conversations in your backyard

There are plenty of websites out there that help you collect local news and make sense of goings on in your neighborhood. But ther'es something compelling about YourStreet's take on local news.

YourStreet indexes articles from local newspapers and blogs. Type in your address or just your zip code, and you'll notice markers on a Google Map showing locations mentioned in those articles. There's also a social networking component. You can sign up for an account, and an icon will pop up showing your location on the map. And you can start a "conversation," for any particular location. Say you want to comment on a play you saw, a good dog park in your neighborhood, or a particular dark alley to avoid at night. Just login and start a conversation.

Like any social network, the more people use YourStreet, the more valuable its data will become. But since the site is part network, part news indexer, there's already plenty to like about YourStreet, even though it doesn't officially launch until tomorrow.

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