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Is Google developing a new social network?

OrkutSure, Orkut may be big in some nations. But in the US and Europe, Google is best known as a a search engine/e-mail provider. While the company lost out on its bid to own a stake in Facebook, maybe Google doesn't really need Facebook.

After all, what is a social network but a way to connect to other users with similar interests and tastes? While Facebook is a social network with applications for playing games, sharing books and movies, and so on, Google already has applications. Google also has a ton of information about your interests from your search history, e-mail, RSS subscriptions, GTalk, and even Checkout buying habits.

TechCrunch reports that Google is indeed working on a new social network that will combine features from a number of Google services. The social network reportedly bears the code-name Maka Maka, although that could change by launch. The platform would be open, meaning third parties could develop applications for Maka Maka. But the coolest part of the new service will likely be the fact that it could launch with access to a bunch of fully polished applications.

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