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Brijit tells you what's worth reading

BrijitWant to keep up on the kind of news and cocktail party talk you can only get from long, detailed, and occasionally dry magazine articles, but don't have the time? Let Brijit do the reading for you.

Brijit is a new magazine abstract service. The site includes 100 word abstracts (or shorter) describing the key points of articles from about 60 magazines, TV news programs, and newspapers. The summaries are written by avid readers who are paid about $5 a pop. It's probably not worth your time unless to sign up as a writer unless you were planning on reading a lot of articles anyway. But if you are, you can add value to the site while making a few bucks.

Writers also rate the articles, so you have a good idea whether you want to read the full article at a glance. While this convention certainly makes Brijit a lot more useful, it does make us wonder whether Brijit can afford to continue paying writers to crank out abstracts of articles with one or fewer stars. Because seriously, who's going to read even the 100 word synopsis of that article?

Since each abstract links to the original article, we hope Brijit won't get on the nerves of content producers.

[via Read/WriteWeb]

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