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New Leopard bits on release day (that's today, fanboys!)

To inaugurate Apple's latest Mac OS X release, version 10.5, we grabbed all the latest news we could find to answer some of the outstanding questions floating around the web:

Q. Can Time Machine backup to network shares?
A. Yes, but only using the Apple File-sharing Protocol (AFP). Jeers. And Macworld agrees with us that Time Machine is Leopard's most important new feature.

Q. Is Time Machine visible on screen during backups when the external hard disk is connected?
A. No, backups occur automatically in the background.

Q. The new screen sharing feature is VNC-based. Does this mean I can use my other VNC-equipped machines with Leopard?
A. Yup, only not with iChat's screen sharing feature; that only works with iChat clients.

Q. How long does this puppy, er kitty, take to install?
A. According to Engadget, about one hour on a Macbook Pro with 2GB of RAM.

Q. Have any improvements been made to file systems or disk partitions?
A. Well, the most underhyped improvement is this: According to MacWorld, disk partitions can now be resized on the fly. Nifty.

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Q. What about iCal?
A. You can now add attachments to iCal events. Useful, if a little behind schedule.

Q. I heard Wikipedia was going to be integrated into Dictionary. Is this true?
A. Yes.

Q. Is Leopard a hot seller so far?
A. Yeah. MacNN says reseller pre-orders are double what they were for Tiger.

Q. Has Apple released any Leopard-related Software Updates yet?
A. Yes; the iLife suite, among others, has patches for Leopard compatibility already available through Software Update. Parallels, OmniWeb, and VMWare Fusion have all patched in the last few days, too.

Q. I heard something about new Yahoo-related features; is this so?
A. Sure, but they're buried. Address Book syncs with Yahoo now, and Calculator uses Yahoo's currency conversion service now.

Q. Is Classic Support still available?
A. Uh, no. Sorry, Clarisworks users. Time to buy iWork.

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