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Mozilla Sunbird 0.7 and Lightning 0.7 calendars released

Sunbird 0.7
Mozilla's open source calendar programs Sunbird and Lightning just keep getting better and better. Sunbird is a standalone application for Windows, Linux, and Mac, while Lightning is a calendar plugin for the Thunderbird e-mail client.

Sunbird and Lightning 0.7 are out today, and they feature a new event/task dialog, a new event summary dialog, and roughly a billion other new features and bug fixes. OK, more like 252. One nice touch is that events in the same time slot are shrunken so they fit in the display.

And as CyberNet points out, there's also a new version of the Google Calendar plugin for Sunbird and Lightning. The add-on lets you write data to a Google Calender using your desktop calendar client.

[Thanks Nikolay!]

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