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Microsoft Works Converter makes your Works documents useable

Works 6-9 ConverterIt's happened to everyone at one time or another. You buy a shiny new computer, take it home, and realize that it doesn't have Microsoft Office installed. How are you going to write your term paper, letters, or other office documents?

So you fish around in the box and find a copy of Microsoft Works. The computer maker must have thrown it in there as a freebie. And hey, it's got a word processor and spreadsheet. What more could you need?

Well, for basic office tasks, Works does fine. But if and when you decide you need a bit more oomph, you'll find that many other office suites just don't know what to do with documents created in Works. Fortunately, Microsoft has updated its free Works Converter to support Works 6-9.

Now the real problems arise when you find old Works 2.0 documents lying around on a floppy disk. Sure, you can open those documents in Excel or Word. But where are you going to find a floppy disk drive?

[via ActiveWin]

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