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Facebook to launch ad network next month

FacebookFacebook is preparing to announce a new advertising system on November 6th. AdAge reports that the company, which has filed to trademark the term "SocialAds" will unveil a system for using demographic information to target users on and off Facebook.

In other words, like Google, Facebook will take all of that data you type into the computer and let advertisers use it to try to sell you stuff. But it's not like we didn't see this coming.

Facebook already has limited advertising on its site. And while many people might not think of search information as valuable demographic data (even though it is), can there be any doubt that you're giving up valuable information when you enter your name, birthdate, occupation, school, professional affiliation and so on? Honestly, we would have been surprised if Facebook didn't try to use that data to make money. After all, the site has seen huge growth in the past year, and could currently be valued at $10-$15 billion. But it's probably not bringing in the kind of money to justify that valuation. Yet.

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