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AT&T + Napster = $1.99 music tracks on your phone

AT&NapsterWant to download a new song you heard on the radio, but can't wait to get home first? Just fire up your good old AT&T handset and you can search Napster's music database and then pay $1.99 to download a song. You know, twice what you would pay to download the same song if you were using a computer and competing services from Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft.

If you're a frequent downloader, you can also sign up for a $7.49/month plan that gives you access to 5 downloads a month. And you will get an e-mail every time you buy a song with a link to download the same title on your computer.

Of course, if you have the right kind of handset (say an iPhone), you can already buy music for $.99 per song and play it on your PC or cellphone.